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RedTail RV Park LLC - Rules and Regulations (Updated December 1, 2022)


1. Check-Out Time: To honor reservations, spaces must be vacated and available for new Residents by 11:00 a.m. on check-out day.

2. Quiet Hours and Privacy: Quiet time is from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. daily. Please respect the privacy of your fellow Residents and do not disturb your neighbors at any time.

3. RV Requirements: RVs must be ten years or newer or be approved in advance by Manager. RV and/or camper exteriors must be well maintained in operating condition with no exterior damage or missing parts. No cardboard, tinfoil, or other unsightly materials may be used on the RV, and the RV should be free from rust and kept reasonably clean. Manager must approve skirting material prior to installation.

4. Late Fees: Monthly rent is due on the 1st of the month. A late fee of $35 will apply if rent is not paid by 5:00 pm on the 5th day of each month.

5. Thirty Day Notice Requirements and Refund Policy: Residents are required to give thirty (30) days’ written notice of their departure date. Upon receiving thirty (30) day notice, the Park will prorate the final rent payment at the monthly rate according to the notice date. (30 Day Notice Example: Notice given on the 10th of March for leaving on the 10th of April will result in rent charged on April 1st, at the monthly rate, for April 1st through April 10th.

Residents who are unable to give thirty (30) day notice will not receive a rent refund prorated at the monthly rental rate and shall be responsible for paying rent through the 30th day of their termination notice period.

6. Site Maintenance: Residents are responsible for keeping their space clean and neat. No storage is permitted in Spaces or under RVs without prior approval by Manager. (Storage units are available for rent onsite at an affordable rate.) Steps, landings, ramps, outdoor appliances, unapproved satellite dishes, tents, or wood burning fire pits are not allowed. BBQ’s and camp chairs are permitted.

7. Driving and Parking:

a. Speed limit is 5 mph throughout the Park. Please be aware of pedestrians (kids!) and pets in the roadways, especially at night.
b. Vehicles may not be parked on the grass or in the traffic lanes. Overflow parking is provided at the rear of the Park w/advance Manager permission. Quick loading/unloading at the RV is permitted if the driver does not leave the vehicle unattended for more than five minutes in between loads. Residents are responsible for instructing their Guests to park appropriately to allow for emergency vehicle access and safe passage for RV’s being moved through the park. Management is committed to preventing the type of accident that arises from the violation of this rule.
c. Mechanical work is not permitted in the Park. All vehicles must be in running condition with no oil or gasoline leaks. Residents will be responsible for cleanup costs for oil stains on asphalt.

8. Garbage: Garbage should be properly bagged before placing it in dumpsters to prevent excessive odor and spills when the dumpsters are unloaded into the garbage trucks. Dumpsters are for household garbage only. Please flatten all cardboard and do not bring garbage in from off-site. No construction materials, furniture, large items, or large quantities of garbage may be placed in the dumpsters. No dumping of any kind is permitted on the property.

9. Water Service: Water service is limited to one connection from the RV Space water supply spigot to the RV. No hose bib splitters or additional hoses may be connected to the water supply at any time. City water may not be used for any purpose other than to supply water for use inside the Resident’s RV.
(City water usage is the single biggest driver of rent increases!) Heated hoses or properly heat taped hoses are required from Oct-Feb. Umatilla County requires sewer hoses to be up off the ground.

10. Park Maintenance Concerns: Residents should address all park maintenance concerns directly to Kim at 503-936-6755. Please do not interrupt our groundskeepers to request maintenance work. They are not authorized to provide maintenance service beyond their standing instructions. Interruptions take time and increase park costs, which affects future rent rates for everyone.

11. Children: Children must always be supervised. Parents are responsible for their children’s safe conduct and any injuries or damage that they may incur or cause. Adults in the household are responsible for ensuring quiet hours and privacy (see #2) and safety requirements (see #13) are adhered to by all members of the household.

12. Pets: (Oregon Revised Statute 609.095) Quiet and well-behaved pets are welcome at no additional charge if approved by Manager. All pets (including cats) must always be leashed and under physical control of the owner/handler when outside of the RV. Outside pet pens, cages, kennels, etc. are not allowed. Pets may not be left outside unattended. Pets may not be allowed to use the grassy areas next to the RV’s to relieve themselves. There is a grassy pet walk area behind the park on the highway side or the rocky area near the Resident’s utility pedestal may be used. Residents are responsible for cleaning up after pets immediately and for any damages their pets may cause, such as damage to the grassy areas, which can easily cost $500 or more. Barking or aggressive dog behavior that is not immediately corrected may result in the pet owner being asked to remove the pet from the premises or leave the park. The same applies to pet rule violators who do not correct violations on request. Please refer to the “Pet Agreement” for additional information regarding our pet policy and requirements.

13. Safety: No firearms, fireworks or other lethal weapons may be discharged inside the Park. Smoking is not permitted inside of, or within 10 feet of the entrance to, any Park building. Rowdiness or drunkenness is prohibited and can result in eviction. Residents who engage in illegal activities or who incur repeated visits from the police are subject to eviction.

14. Insurance: Residents are responsible for maintaining and keeping insurance on their RV, vehicles, recreational vehicles and personal property. The Park is not responsible for loss or damage to any property due to theft, vandalism, fire, any casualty or act of God.

15. Damage: Residents are responsible for all damages caused by any household member or visitor.

16. Right of Eviction: Management reserves the right to evict, without refund, or refuse entry to any person who has evidenced a disregard for the rules. Residents and their visitors agree to use the Park and its amenities at their own risk. Management is not responsible for damage, injury or loss to persons, pets or property.

17. Rule Changes & Rent Increase Notices: Management reserves the right to make changes to the rules, regulations, and fees as deemed necessary. Rule changes will be prominently posted at the Park office ninety (90) days in advance of the effective date of the changes. Residents will receive written notice ninety (90) days in advance of any rent increases.

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